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Residents of Hardee County or individuals going with a Hardee County Evangelical Church or Hardee County Christian Organization that aligns with SMM’s Statement of Faith



  • Scholarship funding is contingent upon available funds in the budget for the calendar year.

  • Scholarship funding is intended for Faith-Based mission trips only, who’s primary focus is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ according to the Holy Bible.

  • The scholarship will be awarded as final payment toward the planned trip.

  • The scholarship can not be received as cash or given directly to an individual. Payment must be paid to the sponsoring organization on your behalf.

  • If payment is made and the trip is cancelled or you are not able to participate, the scholarship may not be redeemable toward your next trip. The scholarship will be re-evaluated at that time.

  • Scholarship applications should be submitted in a timely manner (receipt of application with a minimum of two weeks prior to payment deadline is recommended.) 

  • All scholarship applications are subject to Board approval.

  • No "Group Applications" will be reviewed or approved. All applications must be for individuals. 

  • Each question must be answered, including the request amount. Failure to answer all questions could cause a delay in the review of your application. 

  • If awarded a scholarship, please be mindful of our donors and local churches when posting on social media comments or pictures that would portray ministry related activities. 

  • The intent of the SMM scholarship is to be an additional source of financial support after all the participants financial resources and opportunities have been exhausted and the individual still comes up short of the amount needed. 

  • SMM requires all applicants to personally invest $100 toward the mission trip before applying for a scholarship.

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