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COVID-19 in Hardee County

SendMeMissions, Inc. serves as Emergency Support Function 15 (Donations & Volunteers) for Hardee County Emergency Management. The following information is to help you navigate how to volunteer, where to donate, and where to find local information about COVID-19 in Hardee County. 

For questions regarding Volunteers and Donations in Hardee County, please call or text us at 863-800-9654 or email us at

Donations & Volunteers
100% of donations will be used for approved COVID-19 Programs in Hardee County
Sign up to provide meals for healthcare workers in Hardee County
Volunteers are needed for COVID-19: Fill out our interest form for more details

Click here to view Volunteer Instructions for Hardee Help Center (coming soon)

Local Rescources
Local COVID-19 Information
Local COVID-19 Alerts
Local COVID-19 Emergency Financial Relief Program
Local COVID-19 Updates
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