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Annual Poinsettia Fundraiser 


Since 2011 SendMeMissions has partnerd with AG Outdoor World and sold Poinsettias. 


Because of your faithfulness in supporting this fundraiser, SMM has been able to commit to sponsoring a child through One More Child and Compassion International.

Meet Susana


Country: Costa Rica

Birthday: 2/23/2012

Grade Level: 1st Grade

Language: Spanish

Hobbies: Playing Ball

Primary Caregiver: Mother

Family Profile: Mother is a homemaker. Father does not live with family. 

Living Condition: Single family home with electricity, running water, and ceramic floors

Health: Avergage

Prayer Needs: Household, health and future

2019 Update: For the past 3 years, SMM has had the privilege of sponsoring a child through One More Child (previously known as the Florida Baptist Children's Homes). At times, the children we sponsor no longer become eligible for a variety of reasons. While we know that you have grown to love and pray for Marvin David, we also know that you will grow to love and pray for Susana Diaz.

Place Poinsettia Order (Available in Nov)
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