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Disaster Preparedness & Relief

SendMeMissions, Inc. works directly with Hardee County Emergency Management. The following information is to help you navigate how to volunteer, where to donate, and where to find local information for Hardee County. 

For questions regarding volunteers and donations in Hardee County, please call or text us at 863-800-9654 or email us at

Hurricane Preparedness
Do you or someone you know need assistance preparing for a hurricane?
Donations & Volunteers
100% of donations will be used for disaster preparedness & relief efforts
Volunteer Text Alerts >>
Sign up to receive Volunteer Text Alerts

Text "VOLUNTEER" to 833-398-0945

Sign Up to Volunteer
Volunteers may be needed (activate when storm is approaching)
Local Rescources
Local Hurricane Preparedness Information
Local Alerts
Local Emergency Financial Relief Programs
Local Bussiness Updates
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